Hurricane Cup 2014

Thank all you wonderful sailors who joined the fun last Saturday at Becca and Dale’s wonderful camp across from Otter Island and next to the less-famous but uniquely looking Hat Island. We thank Becca and Dale for being such gracious hosts while many a scallywag sailed and towed their boats into your once quiet and quaint harbor then made ourselves at home as any self-respecting pirate would. For those who missed it, sorry, it was a marvelous day.IMG_1121

Thank you, Ben and Barb, for getting up early Saturday morning and towing the OPTI floats over to Casa Barcelona and attaching them to Dale and Becca’s new Shoremaster dock. Thank goodness for large fenders. Also, thank you, Don and Linda Petersen, for donating your 27-year-old very rugged float to the BLYS program, as well as to Dick Greenan for finding, fetching and delivering another fine float donated by Howard Lowell. Thanks Howard and Dick!

IMG_1141Congratulations to all for setting a new club record for the most boats started and finished in a GPYC race, nine!

IMG_1148The day went to Sally Beck and her crew; Sally’s sister Bo and sailing cohort-in-crime Arthur Paine. Sally’s Harbor 20 crossed the line first in real-time and won as well in handicapped timing. Great sailing as always, Sally and crew! Love your spirit and enthusiasm for the sport and the club.

Other noteworthy performances were from Ben in his Lightning, Dragonfly, ably assisted by his 10-year-old crew, Owen Arkel, who manned the helm the last mile or so and was second place in real time. Thanks for rubbing it in, Ben, but nice sailing Owen? Although Ben could have covered Sally from the beginning and the entire length to the upwind mark, but he thought he saw a hole in the wind, took a flyer, then tacked a half a mile earlier than the others. Sometimes taking a chance works, but not this time. He could not catch Sally after tacking back who was then 100 yards or so ahead.

Additionally there was some fine sailing by Scott Finlay in his Alerion 20 with crew Martha, Kelly, and Jake, as they nudged out Dale and Becca in their Vanguard 15 by a nose at the finish line. Apparently Scott had more friends on the committee boat than Dale and Becca, so no official photo finish review was allowed. I am sure this will change with time. Scott and crew came in second place and Becca and Dale third place with adjusted time. Congratulations to both crews for great sailing from behind to catch and pass the masses. (Yeah, that would be Barb and me in the Hoyty as well. For Becca and Dale, this was their first race with their new boat and their first race as captain and crew. Congrats on a great first performance.

The winds were finicky that day and much to my chagrin after being in the second slot behind Sally by 100 yards nearing the first mark Barb and I went into the doldrums and stayed there as we watched Ben, Scott, and Dale blow by us just forty yards to the north. The wind Gods choose them and not us, or as Ben would say it’s all skill. As the Hoyty Toyty rounded the second mark, we set our asymmetrical spinnaker only to sail into another hole as we helplessly watched it sag onto the mast and the spreaders. The Minuets were only 30 yards back and the DC was almost beside us as we all sat and steamed for 15 minutes without wind then finally the Hoyty caught a slight breeze and the spinnaker pulled us slowly home. A few minutes later we looked back and we were 400 yards ahead of the DC and the Minuets as they did not catch any of that very selective wind. They were still stuck on the other side of the hole which was very much needed by the rest of us in order to even out their generous handicaps. ;-))

Last but not least after two jib re-riggings and very unluckily hitting every horse-latitude on the course Tree and Elaine were still making their way in after many of us were already imbibing. Scott jumped into his Cobalt and sped off to offer them a tow but soon returned with a request for a bottle of white and a couple cups. The order was filled and off he went again to deliver the goods. Tree and Elaine are getting the “Never Give Up” award for their die-hard attitudes, or perhaps it should be “The Never Give Up As Long As There’s Wine” award. Yes they got a hearty cheer as they crossed the finish line.

Big thanks to Don and Linda Peterson for volunteering their luxury party boat as the committee boat. I heard fun was had by all.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, it would be hard to do all this without my “commodoress,” Lynne. She is involved in all aspects of the club and especially in setting up these races. From food, to money, to timing, to hard labor in anchoring boats and tying off floats, she does it all. I did hear someone say, with all due respect John, Lynne is really running the club. Hehe, yeah they are right.

Thank you all for making it a day to remember and one that will set the tone for more fun and competitive sailing next year.

Sail on,



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Great Pond Yacht Club is for avid sailors as well as those new to the sport on Great Pond in Maine's Belgrade Lakes region. Our goal is to create and foster a culture of sailing, racing, and camaraderie on Great Pond.
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