Annual Meeting 2012

GPYC Annual Meeting

The GPYC trying to look serious and hard working.

Turnout for the GPYC 2012 annual meeting was strong, and we got a lot of good planning work done.

Present were Sally Beck, Barb and Ben Ford, John and Lynne Gibbs, Sue and Dick Greenan (thank you for hosting!), Pam Cobb Heuberger, Phyllis and Lynn Matson, and Peter McManus.


Among other administrative decisions, GPYC voted to become a member of and support the Belgrade Lakes Association (BLA).

The Rasta Race Trophy

Lynn Matson accepts the Rasta Race 2011 trophy on behalf of Jack Schultz

The Hurricane Cup

Peter McManus accepts the Hurricane Cup 2011 trophy


The Commodore presented trophies from last season’s races: Lynn Matson accepted the Rasta Race trophy for Jack Schultz; and Peter McManus received the Hurricane Cup trophy, made out of a chunk of wood from a tree downed by Hurricane Irene, which came on the tail of our last regatta late last August.


We decided on the race schedule for the season, which is updated on the 2012 Calendar page. Any details yet to be decided, additional events, and adjustments to the schedule will be posted there, so please keep an eye on that page for the latest plans.

We’re talking with The Center for All Seasons about having a GPYC member give sailboat rides to their campers on Friday afternoons or every other Friday to get kids excited about sailing. Everyone agreed this was a great idea. Once we have the go ahead from the insurance company, we’ll post this on the schedule and ask any interested members to sign up for an afternoon.

"Bumblebee" El Toro

Barb and Ben Ford introduce “Bumblebee” to the GPYC. The Fords built the El Toro as a training vessel for the club. “Ladybug,” a sister craft will be ready before the first race.


We oohed and aahed over “Bumblebee,” the El Toro wooden training vessel that Ben and Barb built over the winter. After getting a strong start in their garage, Bumblebee’s sister, “Ladybug,” is in the Perkins’ garage getting her finishing touches, and she should be sea-worthy before the first race of the season.


Three terms have expired, and we voted on who would fill them:

  • It was agreed by all that Sheldon Perkins will continue (pending his acceptance) as Social Director as a coordinating role; members will volunteer to take care of food for each of the major events. The Social Director’s job is to make sure someone is signed up to handle the food for each event and publicize the event.
  • Barb Ford will continue as Secretary.
  • Liz Tonge, who was absent, was nominated as Youth Director and her acceptance is pending.
  • Although not formally voted on, we proposed that Scott Finlay, who was absent, take on the new position of Remote Commodore (or Little Commodore, or Mini-Commodore — other title suggestions are welcome) to head up the new Remote Control Laser boat group.

New members are welcome to join any time. Just download a membership form, fill it out, and submit it, so we know what you’re interested in, what your boat/s is/are, and how we can best reach you.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the May 26 Witkin Cup to kick off the season!


About Great Pond Yacht Club

Great Pond Yacht Club is for avid sailors as well as those new to the sport on Great Pond in Maine's Belgrade Lakes region. Our goal is to create and foster a culture of sailing, racing, and camaraderie on Great Pond.
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